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Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice is an academic journal sponsored by China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and China Rehabilitation Research Center. The journal mainly reports on new theories, technologies, and methods in the field of rehabilitation. Target readers are professionals engaged in rehabilitation research, clinical practice and education, covering clinical physicians, researchers and students in colleges who are closely related to this field. The aim of journal is to combine theory with practice, promoting basic and advanced research, advocating debate, promoting comprehensive rehabilitation, reporting significant progress in rehabilitation medicine and relevant fields, promoting academic exchange. The columns include Special Topics, Basic Research, Evidence-based Research, and Applicational Research.

Section 1 Basic Requirement

1.         The manuscript should be an original work by the authors. Translated work should be authorized in writing by the original copyright owner. Manuscripts should be cutting edge, innovative, scientific and logical with authentic information, reliable data, clear arguments, rigorous structure, and smooth writing.

2.         A Recommendation Letter from the affiliation stamped with the official seal is required. The Recommendation Letter should indicate the evaluation opinions on the paper, proving that the paper was independently completed by authors, that the data is true and there are no multiple submission or confidential breach involved, and that all authors have no disputes over the authorship.

3.         Medical research involving human studies should provide the approval letter and number issued by a medical ethics committee; it should be registered in the medical research registry system (www.yxyj.org.cn/www.medicalresearch.org.cn) and a registry number should be provided; research involving animal studies should comply with the requirements of animal ethics. If clinical trial registration has been conducted, please provide the registration number. The author’s conflict of interest statement should be made at the end of the paper. It is also recommended to disclose author contribution at the end of the paper. The author must provide a detection report on plagiarism. Please refer to the “Policies” page for detailed ethical policies.

4.         Names of all authors and their Chinese pinyin, as well as the affiliation names in Chinese and English should be provided. Author names should match with corresponding affiliations. The mailing address and postal code of each affiliation shall be attached. Personal profiles of the first author should be provided, including year of birth, gender, ethnicity, birth place (specific to city or county), highest degree, professional title, and main research direction. Please be sure to provide the contact person’s name and detailed address, mobile phone number, WeChat account, and E-mail address. It is recommended to describe author contribution at the end of the manuscript. Please refer to the “Policies” page for detailed requirements of authorship.

5.         Authors should provide a copy of practicing qualification certificate, and the research content should match with the practicing qualification.

6.         Manuscript supported by funding project should be accompanied by a copy of the first page of the project proposal. The research content of the paper should be consistent with the approved content of the funding project, and the main responsible person should be one of the authors.

Section 2 Content and Format

Chinese characters should be in Songti font, while English letters in Times New Roman. Special formats should be clearly noted. The content of manuscripts is described as follows

1.         Title: Title should be concise, with a clear topic, and consistent with the text. Generally, it should not exceed 25 characters in Chinese and 25 words in English. Abbreviations should be avoided as far as possible. Randomized controlled trials should be reflected in the title. The title should be both in Chinese and English.

2.         Author Information: Names, affiliations, funding project, personal profile.

3.         Abstract: Structured abstract in both Chinese and English are required, including four parts: Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. The content of the Chinese and English abstracts should be consistent. The Chinese abstract should generally be at least 600 characters in length. The English abstract may have more words than the Chinese one.

4.         Keywords: There should be 3 to 8 keywords both in Chinese and English. Please try to use words listed in Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

5.         Main Body Text: Main body text includes five parts: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.

1)      Introduction. Briefly describe the research background, highlight the difficulties and hotspots, as well as the theoretical assumptions and innovative points.

2)      Materials. Including clinical materials and subject information. The clinical data source should be consistent with the first affiliation or a written permission shall be obtained.

3)      Methods. The classification criteria for disease severity, treatment methods, evaluation methods, and efficacy evaluation criteria used for the control group and the observation group should be described respectively. The experiment design method must be introduced.

4)      Results. List the data in form of a table or figure. Statistical processing may be needed to objectively describe the results.

5)      Discussion. Analysis, comparison, and evaluation should be conducted around the results of the study, highlighting innovation or practicality, explaining limitations and generalizability, and discussing future research directions.

6)      Conclusion. This is a summary of research results and arguments, which should be objective, accurate, refined, and complete.

6.         Statistical Requirements: The name and main practices of the statistical research design should be explained. Appropriate statistical analysis methods should be selected based on the design type used, the data conditions, and the analysis purpose. The name, version, and specific statistical method of statistical software shall be reported.

7.         Data: The expression and description of data must comply with academic norms.

8.         Medical Terms: The terms listed in the Medical Terms approved and published by the China National Committee for Terminology in Science and Technology shall prevail. Drugs shall adopt the names listed in the China Approved Drug Names issued by the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission .

9.         Figures and Tables: Figures and tables should be self-explanatory. Headings should be bilingual. Tables should adopt three-line style. Figures should be drawn using professional software. For pictures, original electronic documents in high-definition image should be provided.

10.      Measurement: Units of measurement should comply with GB 3101-93 Quantities and units--General principles.

11.      Numbers: Numbers shall comply with GB/T 15835-2011 General rules for writing numerals in public texts.

12.      Abbreviations: Abbreviations are generally not used in titles. When abbreviations appear for the first time in abstract or main body text, the full Chinese and English names should be given.

13.      References: References should be in accordance with GB/T 7714-2015 Information and documentation - Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resources. The submitted manuscripts should have sufficient references, with no less than 40 references for research articles and no less than 70 for reviews. References should be mainly based on literature published in the latest 5 years (over 60%).

Section 3 Submission Requirement

1.         Please log in to the online platform www.cjrtponline.com for submission. It is required that the first author should register and fill in relevant information. The E-mail and phone number must be genuine and available, ensuring that the editorial office and the author are in contact at all times. Tel: 010-87020374. Address: No.10 Jiaomen North Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (postal code 100068). E-mail: cjrtponline@crrc.com.cn.

2.         Uploading documents: 1) Full text of the paper: Word format; 2) Author information files (author names, author profile, affiliations information, funding project), as well as ethical review approval documents, Copyright Transfer Agreements, copies of funding project title page, original picture files, detection report on plagiarism, copies of practicing qualification certificates, and other files. All should be packaged and uploaded in compressed format.

3.         Mailing materials: one copy of printed manuscript (with all authors’ signatures attached), original copy of ethical review document, Copyright Transfer Agreement.

4.         RMB 100 yuan should be remitted by QR code in the E-mail, indicating the manuscript number.

5.         Fast-track PublishingFor national or provincial level scientific research projects, if the paper is an innovative scientific research achievement with leading international (domestic) level or it is the first international (domestic) report, please provide an innovation statement and detection report on plagiarism.

6.         If the editorial office does not receive the publishing fee and relevant materials more than 3 months after authors receiving the notice of acceptance, the manuscript will be withdrawn. If the authors want to submit the manuscript to another journal, please contact the editorial office in the first place. Once multiple submission is found, the manuscript will be immediately rejected. Once redundant publishing is found, this journal will publish an announcement and refuse any submission from the first author.

7.         All authors shall bear the responsibility of their own writing. According to the Copyright Law, the journal may make textual modifications or deletions to accepted manuscripts. Any modifications that involve change of the original meaning shall be sent to authors for confirm. If revision is not returned to the editorial office for more than 2 months, it will be considered as withdrawn.

8.         All accepted articles in this journal are published in from of print journal, CD, internet, mobile internet, etc. If authors disagree, they should contact us in advance.

9.         After the manuscript is accepted, the article processing charges (APCs) shall be charged at RMB 800/page and Copyright Transfer Agreement should be provided. All pages of the journal are color printed. After the publishing, renumeration (including various media) and 10 copies of the current issue will be posted to authors. Please contact the editorial office if you need more copies for academic use.

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